Using manufacturing access through our network of installers, we offer a wider range of PV panels, solar thermal and other ancillary product offerings, such as energy monitoring, than a typical solar company. We believe in offering our clients this flexibility through multiple relationships in each region or state.
We do the shopping for our clients in addition to providing a detailed report that makes understanding solar easy with a minimum of 3 bids.
PV Solar for an Educated Consumer
Please see this solar power point presentation,primarily on PV to help understand the technology, options for your home or business, as well as our process.

In many States with great subsidies and RECs and high utility rates, as well as in many Counties and Utility Company service areas, residential to commercial to industrial property owners can literally complete a solar installation for free or put money in their pocket beyond finance costs every month. This is based on discounted costs where subsidies and monthly utility savings/potential sale of power into the grid equals or exceeds monthly payments for the system. With 10-15 year financing terms in many states with 3-8 year ROI, it pays to be a great green citizen!
The steps to find out if your property's roof can make you money include completing a iSolarQuote, then proceed to a Client Services Agreement

Our company has relationships with multiple installers, including the leading states from a financial benefit standpoint when analyzing the combination of subsidies, utility rates, great sun and other factors. Our installer network continues to grow.
We offer Licensing and Partners exclusive territories across the US, typically an entire state or regions of large states, depending on geography and opportunity factors. Contact us about a specific state or a region within your state to both check on availability and the value proposition in considering licensing or partnering with our company, including our unique solar broker business model.

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